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The meditatehere method

Written on 03/23/2022
Hailey O'Hara

Welcome to meditatehere.

We help you turn meditation into a daily habit so that you can easily integrate it into the flow of your home working environment. 

This is specifically designed for busy people who are working from home and feel like they just don’t have enough time to do it all. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or burned out working at home, you’re not alone. We have the tool to help. 

It only takes a few minutes each day to feel so much better. 

To imbed daily meditation as a lifelong home working skill, and gain a tool to help you feel better each and every day, you need to create a new habit. Our method is simple:

1. Repetition

Repeat each meditation daily for one week. That’s right. The same meditation for 7 days. Repetition helps take the thinking out of it. On Monday morning, you choose the guided meditation that resonates the most with you, and that is your meditation for the rest of week. Current research demonstrates that it takes approximately 66 days to form a new habit, so approximately 10 weeks.

2. Choose Your Anchor

Your anchor is something that you will link your meditation practice to each day, making it easier to integrate into the flow of your day. 

Think about where and when you’d like to meditate each day.

Choose a place and time where you’re the least likely to be distracted or interrupted. 

Remember, you only need 5 minutes!

Now, think about what pre-existing habit you already have that occurs in that place and time each day. Things like brushing your teeth, making your morning cup of coffee, or checking your email when you sit down to your desk. Things you do so automatically that you no longer even think about them.

Some people like to meditate first thing in the morning, to set the tone for the day.

The sound of your alarm clock can be your signal to meditate. 

You get out of bed, sit down on a cushion or a chair, and begin. 

Maybe you sit down at your desk, and right before opening your email, you meditate. 

You choose what feels right for you! 

This might take some experimenting and tweaking, but once you’ve discovered the time of day that works best for you, commit to sticking with it!

Add to your calendar and schedule a reminder.

3. Feel the rewards

Behavioural psychology and neuroscience tell us that the power of feeling GOOD is the best way to keep a habit alive and bring you back to your meditation practice each day. We want to immediately bring awareness to the results of our meditation. Following each meditation, we will prompt you to notice how you feel, to let that new emotional state sink in. Do you feel calm, relaxed, happy? Take a moment, with full awareness, to really feel into it. This lights up the reward circuitry of your brain, causing your brain to recognise and encode this new behaviour. 

This can be a challenge for some, as we may feel we need to jump right back into our day. But remember, this is important. Recognizing the elevated emotional state felt after meditation creates immediate satisfaction that will wire in this new habit and help establish a lifelong practice. 

Yes, I'm ready to feel so much better

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